Operator Compliance Services

Plumwood Ltd use an in-house developed solution called PACS, which helps us manage your compliance needs. PACS (Plumwood Automated Compliance System) is a complete business system for managers. It focuses on creating a management culture that’s programmed to deliver greater profits through driver education, policy and procedure development and management checks and controls.

Where driver training, although essential, often has only a temporary effect on performance, PACS provides an entire management structure, equipping you with tools giving you the power to make lasting changes, monitor your driver’s performance and demonstrate continuous improvement.



The benefits of the program are far reaching:

  • Compliance with your Operator Licence undertakings and obligations
  • Specific and targeted actions to improve efficiency and profitability
  • A structured way to implement change and monitor the results
  • Techniques and methods to deliver continuous improvement
  • Cultural change so benefits become embedded within your workforce.

PACS has been carefully designed and can be tailored to suit your specific operation to keep you compliant with all legislative requirements including Work Related Road Safety, Driving at Work, Health & Safety in Road Haulage and the Operator Licence.

Compliance Audits

Plumwood Ltd can attend your premises/operation to undertake a full assessment and report on your overall transport related compliance. This report is very comprehensive and is presented in a format regularly accepted by the Traffic Commissioner and DVSA Officers.