Below you will find a number of usefull documents or downloads covering Tachographs and Compliance.

The Spanish Government have created a free Digital Tachograph Simulator which you can download by clicking on the image.
  The second generation tachograph units, version 1.4 Continental VDO, tachograph has some changes as to how manual entries are made, this short guide explains what they are.
  As the clocks change you will need to change the local time on the tachograph unit, this .pdf that you can download will tell you how.
  If you have a faulty digital tachograph card or you have lost your card, this sheet will tell you how to get a replacement, and what to do while you are waiting for it to arrive.
  Projecting loads need different markings depending on their size and position. This useful sheet details what needs to be done to be compliant.
   Driver Defect Reporting, why do you have to do it?